Updated: Mar 8, 2020

An autoimmune disease is a condition where the body cannot tell the difference between healthy tissue and foreign invaders.

Your immune system becomes “touchy”, to say the least and starts to overreact and self attacking.

This could have been going on silently for years until you start getting symptoms or a full blown autoimmune disease develops. There are more than 80 types of "official" autoimmune disorders and take place in areas all over the body, including the thyroid gland, brain tissue and the salivary glands.

As you can imagine autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes and psoriasis can have an effect on a women's fertility. These diseases are linked to the most common fertility issues, including PCOS, endometriosis, premature ovarian aging (POA) and unexplained infertility (1,2).

When you're dealing with autoimmunity, it's important to rebalance peace within the body. Because let's face it- a body attacking its self is not a hospitable environment for your baby to thrive in!

I went years without knowing I had an autoimmune issue that was not only affecting my fertility, but making me infertile. For me it was High Natural Killer Cells (over active immune system). After 5 years of never getting pregnant, two failed IVFs and no other obvious signs; I finally got tested and found the root cause of my infertility. Luckily I had already decided to change my diet and lifestyle, so when I found out I had an autoimmune issue the transition to Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) was that much easier.

So why get onto an AIP diet for your fertility?

If you’re dealing with an autoimmune disease or dealing with fertility issues, the AIP diet helps to heal the intestinal mucosa and supporting low inflammation in the body. Using the AIP diet for 6 to 8 weeks (3 months for optimal egg & sperm quality) before trying naturally or using medical support, will help to reduce inflammation in the intestines, calms inflammation in the gut and also calms inflammation throughout the body. 

Your body’s immune system starts to relax, you hormones start to rebalance and your body starts to go back into a homeostasis state of being!

There are many different interpretations of an AIP diet and this is because we are all different. Your genetics, how long and how deep your autoimmune disease is, all play a big part in how much and how long you have to cut out certain food for. 

We’ll all react differently–

Some will have to eliminate everything on the AIP list forever, while others can re-introduce certain foods and be able to tolerate them in small quantities. For me at the moment it’s still Nightshades- especially paprika and tomatoes. But I can handle chocolate, rice and nuts (though I still limit myself on these). AIP becomes a lifestyle and you alter it to fit your body’s needs – you’re in control! 

My fertility journey exposed my autoimmune issue – you maybe be thinking this sounds like me or maybe not. But by making steps to a clean eating a lifestyle or all the way AIP, you'll be restoring the peace inside your body and achieving your dream family (along with limiting the medical support you may need).

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it’s FREE, you can do it in your own time and no one is looking up your lady parts!

When starting on an AIP diet

- Take it slow and don’t beat yourself up if/when you fall short. Make improvements each day. “little by little, a little becomes a lot” – Tanzania Proverb  - Group support is key when you’re trying to make a BIG change in diet & lifestyle. - Food is a powerful way to reduce inflammation and calm the immune system. Additional supplements, testing and support are usually required in finding the root cause of your issue and fully healing the gut. Don’t give up on a clean eating diet, but do find a practitioner knowledgeable in this field who can look beyond diet and help you dig deeper in finding the true cause of your infertility.

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Anything written or said about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me, may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.



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