Did My Past F*ck Up My Fertility? | The Infertile Diagnosis 002

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

HELLO, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Welcome back to another episode of The Infertile Diagnosis | 002 | Did My Past F*ck Up My Fertility?

Do you ever wonder why or how you became infertile? Sarah and I talk about our childhoods and how they may have played a big role in becoming infertile in the first place.

You might be feeling like - I had a "normal childhood" so this episode really isn't for me.

But here's the twist - Us too! Neither Sarah or I had anything BIG or obvious happen to us during our childhoods, that would leave us to believe that they may have had an impact on our fertility.

We lived "normal" lives - HELL Sarah's parents were vegans, before being a vegan was cool! But there were little things, that may have added up or at least got the ball rolling.

We go on to talk about our 20's. You know those years that you're absolutely paranoid TO GET PREGNANT!?! We both hold our hands up and admit that we weren't focusing on our health, especially preconception health.

Infertility, WHAT!?! But when we started trying for kids in our late 20's, it became very obvious something just wasn't right and we were both diagnosed with a form of infertility before we hit 30!

Blindsided, to say the least. Maybe you feel this way too? Hopefully, this episode will help you to look at your past & give you a little clue into why what or how your fertility health was affected. 

So here we go - get ready to become your own HERO! 

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