HELLO, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Another Insta Live with Olivia @theawkwardwaitingwomb

We talked about how to find the balance between being positive about the infertility journey and facing the real facts about life and the real possibility that things might not work out the way you thought.

You know how it is:

There's one side where you have great dreams, but there's the other side where you have to deal with the every day of infertility.

Finding and creating a balance between these is key to stay mentally healthy during your infertility journey.

Olivia kindly shares with us how she's doing this during her journey.

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6:30 - A wrong diagnosis & SLOS carriers

9:00 - A second diagnosis

11:17 - Resolve Support | |

14:30 - Empty words of encouragement

17:11 - More on SLOS

19:40 - Talking about the future & getting on the same page about ALL the possible outcomes

22:40 - What Olivia does to lift herself up on the down days

23:45 - Disneyland & Drinking

27:50 - The importance of being real

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Positive Thoughts, Positive Me


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