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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

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Finding the root cause of my infertility was a game-changer in so many ways. Yes I finally understood why I couldn’t get pregnant and I found a way medically to solve this issue, but I dug deeper.

I don’t know why or what was pushing me - years of infertility can make you go a little crazy. Maybe it was for the fact that the first time I got pregnant ever in my life, with the support immune suppressant drugs I had a miscarriage. I thought, "What more can I do to improve my situation?" I learn more about why I had High Natural Killer Cells (High NK Cells).

Unexplained Infertility is just NOT one of those things & neither is having High NK Cells. I wasn’t born with High NK Cells, but I was 100% genetical pron to getting them if I didn't take care of my self. Having High NK Cells isn’t a normal thing it’s your way it’s your body’s way of telling you "I’m not happy."

So for me finding the root cause of my infertility was important to just get physically pregnant, but it became more important to solve the root cause of my infertility for the health of my babies to be.

You can watch the whole clip here and connect with Kathryn on her website.

So here we go - get ready to become your own HERO!

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